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Komenarze 62 Part 7
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From Samantha MSF:

Now I don't even know when it was more difficult for Severus – when he was preparing himself for the thought that Harry will die one day, when he decided to show him those faked memories or now, when he realized that he came back, and still has to endure Harry’s hate. What Voldemort did to him is horrible, and Severus still can't feel that he is safe, because he is expecting the next call. And I cannot wait to see what he will feel after having known that Harry was the one who saved him. I'm sure Severus hasn’t thought about this option at all during all this time.
“For him, there was no turning back" – what a great and truthful phrase‌ It’s really so. At least for now, because no one can predict anything when Harry is involved‌)

Wow, it scares me to watch how Severus manages to put that hateful mask on his face. He deserves just endless respect for being able to control himself like that. Still, his wild longing for Harry continues to make my heart beat faster‌ I don’t know how it’s possible to love, but make everyone believe that you hate. Even I at first was confused while reading about hatred in his eyes, though I have always been sure that Snape loved Harry all this time.
And it really must be the first time when Severus Snape is afraid of going into a room full of students. Potter has changed absolutely everything in his life – from small details to larger ones.

Yes, I guess that Harry’s indifference has anyway hurt Severus. Of course he isn’t surprised, he was expecting that, but it must be still painful. And the most painful is the fact that he can’t do anything about it – what can be worse than a complete helplessness? He should only watch and react with a new portion of hatred, though I’m sure that each Harry’s word hurts him.
It’s incredible that his own mask almost fell in the end – once again, only because of Harry. And when he was so greedily inhaling that chocolate-vanilla smell, it just made me melt‌ Amazing that this always independent man is now dying from need, from hunger and thirst for the sixteen year old boy. More than that – James Potter’s son. Well, of course I know it’s snarry, but exactly in DI this fact doesn’t stop to surprise me. It seems that everything is against Harry and Severus and possible love between them, but the fate decided to play a bit and here we are – watching this kind of development of this impossible, unusual Story.

Severus is slowly, but so clearly plunging into an abyss of depression‌ Only a few paragraphs, but you showed it so perfectly. I’m aching for this man, for the fact that nobody except Harry cares about him, and now he thinks that for Potter he doesn’t matter, either. You always use very strong psychology in your writing; almost every line in your work is calculated to break the psyche, to destroy your characters along with readers, make them die from the always increasing tension. Never before was I put in such a state! I wondered what the explanation of Severus’ attempts could be, but you completely surprised me again! Really, I was thinking that Snape might have decided to make a first step towards Harry, but was not sure if he could do it, or maybe he just wanted to make sure that the boy wouldn’t forget‌ but everything appeared to be much simpler) He just lost control, seeing Harry so close, feeling him. Girls, you are amazing! That’s the best and the most unexpected explanation ever!

It is another one of my most beloved moments in DI! I was just dying to see how Severus uses the statue Harry bought him for Christmas, and finally I got it! This is so great, so touching and bitter. Great – because everything you write is incredible: the atmosphere, the shapes, smells and shadows. Touching – because Severus is indescribably, madly addicted to Harry – he can’t even spend one mere hour without thinking of him. Bitter – because the goodnight wish is more important to him than sexual, arousing moans. In the first place he misses exactly Harry’s tenderness, his love, his light, his presence, and only in the second – sex. It makes me crazy – seeing this Severus so in love.

It still surprises me – Severus’ ability to immediately detect Harry’s presence or his absence. God, this boy is really the whole world to him!
I love his anxiety, his worry about Harry, the immediate sinking into the darkness. I keep and keep wondering how he will react when Harry faces Voldemort‌ damn, the waiting is definitely going to kill me, my imagination is too rich and sometimes it’s a real problem) And you anyway ALWAYS manage to surprise me.
It must have been so difficult for Severus to force himself to make an insulting comment on Harry’s absence‌ Especially while his anger and fury at Slytherins was growing more and more. And his decision to pay a visit to Harry‌ Oh, it’s just something indescribable. Just‌ wow.

Oh, oh, oh, it’s one of the tenderest moments EVER! I was drowning in tears while reading. I never thought that Severus would visit Harry at the hospital, and now he is there, enjoying those stolen touches, looking at him while he is sleeping‌ Thank you for this abstract! I’m absolutely in love with it. It is so impossibly beautiful‌ And the last Severus “Fool" made me smile. Oh, maybe he is, but what a charming, endearing fool indeed‌

Severus should have known that Harry’s feelings are too strong to just be dissolved! At first he was frozen by those terrible memories, but after some time finally began to realize that something’s not right. Maybe the reason which made this understanding process faster really was Severus’ visit to a hospital. What an incredible Love must be to feel the presence of the person you love even in sleep, subconsciously‌ So great. I adore Severus’ decision to send Voldemort to hell in case he requests Harry. Fantastic! And his immediate fear when he understood that Harry might be in danger‌ this man is not only possessive, but also so protective. I love it!

It’s just tearing me apart‌ Ariel, Gobuss, you are unbelievably great psychologists, because it’s the only way you can be able to continue this DI torture. I have serious problems with breathing while reading, and it starts to scare me a bit – I can easily get some kind of seizure because of those impossible emotions which are overwhelming me. Such a terrible pain Severus must endure‌ Sometimes there is a feeling that it couldn’t be worse, but you again and again prove that it can. Harry, Severus – so much grief and sorrow‌ I can’t believe Severus can still hold on. I would be completely crashed. Forcing those cruel words slip from his mouse, even if they are killing him‌
The end is magnificent, though. Long-awaited touch to Harry, embrace, even if he is unconscious. Again – wow. It’s incredible. Severus loves him so much‌ He cannot exist without this water.

Very emotional and intense scene! Severus barely can hold his mask, it disappears more and more often‌ and what if it happened in front of Harry? Everything would be useless. But finally I can see what happened to those jars and vials, why Severus broke them. Another surprise‌ he did it not because of anger or disappointment, but because of madness that is slowly enslaving him.

You managed to make the last abstract absolutely unforgettable! It has such a big contrast with all previous pieces. It’s so‌ soothing that I cannot help but smile through tears. Severus has really done everything to him. He sacrificed all he could just to ensure Harry’s safety‌ finally both of them know the Truth about this incredible, deep, heart-breaking LOVE.
Of course Severus feels relief. Who wouldn’t? Anyway, he has almost broken, and now – no need to hide, to lie, to hurt‌ just love.
Right now I don’t even want to think about what will happen next. It’s such a gentle moment – Harry and Severus, together, only with those feelings between them‌ The last few sentences just astonished me, sent again into euphoria. I never expected Severus to react so calmly (well, because I didn’t know how much he felt all this time). But this is the best moment of all imaginable ones. The greatest.

Ariel and Gobuss, THANK YOU A LOT for your work! The 62d chapter is indeed the biggest and grandest project ever! I never believed I would be able to read something like that. You are fantastic, the most talented Authors ever! Thank you!

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13/09/2019 00:35
Dziewczyny, nie planujecie znowu jakies opowiadania Snarry? smiley Albo czegokolwiek ze Snape'em? smiley

24/04/2019 13:38
Wracam do tego cuda raz na rok i za każdym razem budza sie we mnie te same silne emocje jak za pierwszym razem. Naprawde te ff jest juz ze mna kilka lat i szacunek wielki dla autorek za tak przepiękna

10/03/2019 19:52
Glenka, może chodzi ci o "Bez słów" na ff.necie ?

11/01/2019 21:47
Potrzebuję pomocy :X Kojarzy ktoś tytuł snarry, gdzie Harry opiekował Severusem, który był w śpiączce? Język polski. Top Harry

06/01/2019 00:05
czasem gdy chcę przeczytać opowiadanie ze ,,Snarry od A do Z'' wyskakuje info / że nie mam uprawnień do czytania danego opowiadania, tak samo jest z działem Ksiąg Zakazanych . Jak uzyskać d

01/12/2018 20:40
Adain bardzo dobre pytanie, ja ostatnio sobie przypomniałam o polskich forach, wchodzę na GPZP a tu zonk ;p

01/12/2018 20:39
Voldemort po godzinach ;0 https://twitter.com/flawd

16/10/2018 23:47
Czy ktoś orientuje się co stało się z Gospodą i czy planowane jest wznowienie? Regularną czytelniczką nie jestem już od kilku lat, ale zawsze ze wzruszeniem sprawdzałam, co słychać na forum :<

08/08/2018 00:10
O ile dobrze pamiętam występował tan Snape ale nie pamiętam w jakiej roli. Kojarzy toś tytuł? Z góry dziękuję za pomoc

08/08/2018 00:10
Dodatkowo coś było o tym, że ta rodzina w szkole organizowała takie spotkania gdzie wyjaśniali uczniom z mugolskich rodzin różne pojęcia z świata czarodziejów. O ile dobrze pamiętam występował tan Sna

08/08/2018 00:09
Kojarzę, że Harry został wyrzucony przez ciotkę. Potem okazuję się, że jego mama należała do rodziny czystej krwi i miała brata, który dał Potterowi nowe imię i nazwisko. Dodatkowo coś było o tym, że

08/08/2018 00:04
Dobry wieczór. Mam takie pytanie. Od pewnego czasu poszukuję opowiadania, które kiedyś czytałam ale zapomniałam tytułu. To było jakiś rok temu więc nie bardzo pamiętam o czym to opowiadało. Kojarzę, ż

17/06/2018 13:03
Dziewczyny, wiecie, co się stało z Gospodą pod złamanym piórem? Zlikwidowano to forum, czy jak? T.T

Samantha MSF
11/05/2018 22:56
I hoped to re-watch all DI trailers, but many of them seem to not work any more smiley Any chance of re-uploading them? I remember that 27 seconds one, with the Vision... so beautiful

10/05/2018 18:14
siebie istnieć. Chyba dlatego tak bardzo kocham ten ff. (kiedy czytałam po raz pierwszy, jeszcze nie znałam mojej drugiej połówki, więc to już chyba we mnie siedziało ;p)

10/05/2018 18:13
Hihi uświadomiłam sobie, jak czytałam w zeszłym roku, że związek Harry'ego ze Snapem w DI trochę przypomina mój własny związek. Też jesteśmy dla siebie toksyczni do bólu, a nie potrafimy bez siebi

10/05/2018 18:09
O widzę, że się pojawił ruch na shoutbox akurat w tym roku smiley Właśnie wracam przeczytać całość po raz trzeci. Aż się wzruszyłam widząc nową dyskusję smiley

31/03/2018 00:44
Ludziki kochane, każdy z nas ma swoje życie Ale zajrzeć tutaj po takim czasie... serio aż mnie w dołku ściska <3

25/03/2018 04:00
XD a ja się od kilku lat zastanawiam czy Wy wciąż razem jesteście, ale przecież nie napiszę do żadnej z takim pytaniem xD Cieszę się bardzo, dziewczyny! Buziaki!

08/03/2018 21:01
Wie ktoś może co z hpforum się stało?

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