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Komenarze 62 Part 4
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From Samantha MSF:

It’s just amazing to watch how cold, frozen Severus is melting because of Harry’s warmth, purity, immaculacy‌ how the desire is involuntarily turning into tenderness. I can feel love, emanating from each sentence – bitter in some way, but deep and gentle, even timid, despite the possessiveness. Snape is still not used to care for someone, to be in love, but he cannot resist this light‌ Harry really makes him full, real. He gave him the biggest present – the ability to feel the taste of life, because before it Severus has only existed. He couldn’t be called alive. And now, for the first time, he can feel this‌ happiness.

Again, beautiful, so indescribably beautiful! Those moments, in which Snape experiences feelings at almost physical level from just touching Harry – they are something that everyone can only dream of. Remembering the beginning of your Story, I would have never believed that someone like that bloody slimy bastard Snape can love so much, feel those things which we very rarely meet in our lives.
His shell starts to disappear more and more frequently, but when he manages to put it on again, it is so incredibly strong‌ I really can’t understand how Severus continues to play on so many sides without losing his mind. How it is possible to want one thing, and make yourself believe that you don’t need it and want another one. It’s not even a life, it’s a real hell, and I’m almost crazy with my desire to see this man happy at last. Happy, with no worries except from thoughts about the position in which it would be better to take Harry, or where to go with him)

Ah, so this time he didn’t manage to keep his damn shell! Apparently Severus really wanted Harry to stay with him at night, so when the boy fell asleep, he couldn’t force himself to wake him.
Severus’ concern about Harry is really touching. I expected that he would be worry about him, but not so. This scene exceeded all of my expectations! And it touched me even deeper when I read about Severus’ surprise, about him being unused to someone’s fear for him. And again I’m asking myself – how is it possible not to love this boy?) He gives Severus all pleasant feelings he has never known about. And, as Snape himself said, he lights up all places inside him which should have forever remained in darkness. But no, Harry is his lucky ticket, his chance to know the better life. Maybe I’m getting too sentimental, but every time I reread DI I have tears in my eyes during more and more moments. And again, I should apologize to Severus for feeling so sorry for him‌ But I can’t change it. I guess no one can.

Severus is becoming more and more greedy. And of course there are more and more memories which he can’t show Voldemort, because his lust and sexual desire continue transforming into gentleness and desire for simple closeness. I’m impressed how skilful Occlumens he must be so not to be scary to death to lose or to forget something.

Damn, if I didn’t know, I would never believe that Severus hates every moment of Voldemort penetrating his mind. And it is even more terrible that all of memories are also shown to Bellatrix! Double humiliation. In fact, we now know that Severus didn’t want it from the very beginning, and now, with his strong feelings for Harry, it must be really unbearable. Especially since Voldemort and Bella most of all enjoy those memories for which Severus might feel guilty. Oh, how I want to see the Dark Lord die!

Ariel, Gobuss, I know that I cannot say anything new, but it’s only because I don’t know such words which could express what I feel and think. I guess they just don’t exist in this world. Sometimes I have a feeling that you must have sold your souls to devil or something like that, because your writing is just‌ unearthly. I have NEVER seen any text which could convey and awake such great emotions. So really, I don’t know what to write. But this abstract is so unbelievably strong that I couldn’t breathe while reading. It seems that I feel everything Severus is suffering from with such force that it is‌ crushing.

Arrr, such a tasty and hot abstract! I’m in love with this moment! And it’s another strange thing – I am not used to feel so, well, aroused while reading. But this short passage makes me sense something unimaginable – I’m still soaring somewhere high over the sky‌ By the way, as far as I remember, Harry in this scene doesn’t even think of seducing Severus! He is just reading. It’s Severus who sees what he wants)

Impossibly intense abstract. I have already told you, but anyway - I am very impressed by your description of Harry as water. It is so true! So harmless from the first sight, but stronger than almost everything in the world.
You know, when I have finished the last HP book, I decided to read fanfiction, but couldn’t decide who I want to read about. Snape was my favorite character, but stories about just him, or about him and Hermione were not interesting for me. And then I found Enahma’s severitus trilogy by accident, and immediately after reading summary realized that that was what I’d been looking for. Severus and Harry. This pairing as father/son seemed to me the most realistic, however some time later I started wanting romantic fics. But again, I’m always too captious, so I needed the pairing which is the most believable in HP universe. So I stopped at snarry, and in this abstract of DI you have described almost all reasons why I believe in it. Severus and Harry are so similar and different at the same time. They both had very difficult, loveless childhood, but then they chose completely different paths. Severus - dark, Harry – light, and it’s so interesting to read Snape’s thoughts on this subject. I understand why he can’t imagine how Harry managed to stay so pure, so bright, while he himself allowed his dark side to appear. What Severus did in the past‌ it is something that cannot be forgiven. I believe in God, I believe in repercussions, but I also believe in a second chance. And you showed us perfectly that Severus still can be saved by Harry’s light, his love. And not to say that Harry is only naïve, undefiled kid. No, in that case he would never be able to get love of someone like Snape. His childhood, the lack of love turned him into grim, closed, deep in soul teenager who understands almost everything, who has a difficult burden, too, but just most of time he is shinning with light. Love is the greatest force, and DI proves it with every chapter. I’m dying to see what will happen in the end.
Severus finally realized in what situation he got himself, decided to cut every way, so Harry couldn’t approach him. But it is really very, very late.

What an impossible man! Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him. He is really cruel, and punishing Harry only because he makes him feel those warm, though unwanted feelings‌ It was violent, but still, it’s Severus. He always responds in this way when experience something he doesn’t want. But I think he could already see that hurting Harry affects him, either. There were times when he would be happy knowing about wounds he caused. Times, when he would be absorbing the other person’s pain‌ but now he feels his own. He wants just to drink and drink to finally forget it. Useless‌

Oh, I adore moments of Severus’ remorse, his pangs of conscience! He really hates and is scared of seeing physical injuries Harry causes himself from time to time. And interesting – he could anyway continued following his plane of trying to keep Harry at distance, but apparently he cannot stand seeing Harry angry with him. He would never apologize with words, but that time was really close to it.

Very bitter, full of fire and ice scene. It’s so difficult to watch how Severus tortures himself, how many opposite feelings are tearing him apart‌ But we already can see the winner. Harry, and Severus’ desire, his love for him. I still don’t know how he managed to stay sane while preparing himself for the murder of the only one light in his life. And he really believes he can do that‌ Not imagining in what kind of hell his existence would turn after losing him.

I’m madly in love with episodes with Blackwood! There are so much in them‌ The moment when Severus saw some boy’s body and for a second imagined that it belongs to Harry‌ I couldn’t take a breath while reading. Just saw the picture before my eyes of Severus holding motionless Harry in his arms, understanding that he had made the biggest mistake in his life, and now there would be only emptiness‌ He has already felt as if being pulled into swamp of darkness, so what would happen if he really gave Harry to Voldemort? Blackwood has made the biggest mistake, either. The desire which he dared to feel‌ Oh, Severus will never forgive that. But interesting, didn’t he (Severus) think that apart from Blackwood, there could be others? He wouldn’t be able to kill everyone, it was luck that Blackwood told him about his intentions, due to his own stupidity, and what was happening in other Death Eater’s mind? Well, I hope now rape isn’t threatening Harry, but then‌ it was quite possible.

Oh, my favorite chapter! I so wanted to see Severus’ thoughts during “Break me". And here they are! Again, something indescribable. I guess I was right, there was moment when Severus has almost stopped trying to control his feelings. Let them out. The phrase “You think only you have to sacrifice something that is closest to you!" just send me into euphoria, because now, from Severus’ POV, I can understand much more than before. His despair, his two strongest desires which cannot exist together – I have a bitter taste in my mouth, because all those colorful feelings are so real, so close‌but Severus can’t resist this love any more. And your Harry’s “always", this “always" of DI is much more stronger that JKR Snape’s one. It changes everything, it brings both Harry and Severus on their knees, because there are feelings that are stronger than anything else. That incredible Love, for example‌

That evening is something the most beautiful I have ever seen and read. So soft, tender, bitter again, but full of love‌ Finally, finally Severus gave up on his attempts to push Harry away! Finally he decided to enjoy every possible moment, so to have more memories after it’s all over. But he still can’t understand‌ love can be great, but it is terrible at the same time. Nothing can outweigh it. Severus might consider his feelings as stupid and sentimental, but it won’t change the fact that he still loves, and that his heart won’t be able to destroy Harry. Well‌ he could have done it, after all Severus is an impossibly strong man, but what then? Saint Mungo? Graveyard? I can’t imagine that he would be able to go on. Just sit there, with Harry’s body on his arms, with empty eyes‌ I think that would be the moment when he would finally break. Turn into a madman. Oh‌ I’m so glad it didn’t happen.

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13/09/2019 00:35
Dziewczyny, nie planujecie znowu jakies opowiadania Snarry? smiley Albo czegokolwiek ze Snape'em? smiley

24/04/2019 13:38
Wracam do tego cuda raz na rok i za każdym razem budza sie we mnie te same silne emocje jak za pierwszym razem. Naprawde te ff jest juz ze mna kilka lat i szacunek wielki dla autorek za tak przepiękna

10/03/2019 19:52
Glenka, może chodzi ci o "Bez słów" na ff.necie ?

11/01/2019 21:47
Potrzebuję pomocy :X Kojarzy ktoś tytuł snarry, gdzie Harry opiekował Severusem, który był w śpiączce? Język polski. Top Harry

06/01/2019 00:05
czasem gdy chcę przeczytać opowiadanie ze ,,Snarry od A do Z'' wyskakuje info / że nie mam uprawnień do czytania danego opowiadania, tak samo jest z działem Ksiąg Zakazanych . Jak uzyskać d

01/12/2018 20:40
Adain bardzo dobre pytanie, ja ostatnio sobie przypomniałam o polskich forach, wchodzę na GPZP a tu zonk ;p

01/12/2018 20:39
Voldemort po godzinach ;0 https://twitter.com/flawd

16/10/2018 23:47
Czy ktoś orientuje się co stało się z Gospodą i czy planowane jest wznowienie? Regularną czytelniczką nie jestem już od kilku lat, ale zawsze ze wzruszeniem sprawdzałam, co słychać na forum :<

08/08/2018 00:10
O ile dobrze pamiętam występował tan Snape ale nie pamiętam w jakiej roli. Kojarzy toś tytuł? Z góry dziękuję za pomoc

08/08/2018 00:10
Dodatkowo coś było o tym, że ta rodzina w szkole organizowała takie spotkania gdzie wyjaśniali uczniom z mugolskich rodzin różne pojęcia z świata czarodziejów. O ile dobrze pamiętam występował tan Sna

08/08/2018 00:09
Kojarzę, że Harry został wyrzucony przez ciotkę. Potem okazuję się, że jego mama należała do rodziny czystej krwi i miała brata, który dał Potterowi nowe imię i nazwisko. Dodatkowo coś było o tym, że

08/08/2018 00:04
Dobry wieczór. Mam takie pytanie. Od pewnego czasu poszukuję opowiadania, które kiedyś czytałam ale zapomniałam tytułu. To było jakiś rok temu więc nie bardzo pamiętam o czym to opowiadało. Kojarzę, ż

17/06/2018 13:03
Dziewczyny, wiecie, co się stało z Gospodą pod złamanym piórem? Zlikwidowano to forum, czy jak? T.T

Samantha MSF
11/05/2018 22:56
I hoped to re-watch all DI trailers, but many of them seem to not work any more smiley Any chance of re-uploading them? I remember that 27 seconds one, with the Vision... so beautiful

10/05/2018 18:14
siebie istnieć. Chyba dlatego tak bardzo kocham ten ff. (kiedy czytałam po raz pierwszy, jeszcze nie znałam mojej drugiej połówki, więc to już chyba we mnie siedziało ;p)

10/05/2018 18:13
Hihi uświadomiłam sobie, jak czytałam w zeszłym roku, że związek Harry'ego ze Snapem w DI trochę przypomina mój własny związek. Też jesteśmy dla siebie toksyczni do bólu, a nie potrafimy bez siebi

10/05/2018 18:09
O widzę, że się pojawił ruch na shoutbox akurat w tym roku smiley Właśnie wracam przeczytać całość po raz trzeci. Aż się wzruszyłam widząc nową dyskusję smiley

31/03/2018 00:44
Ludziki kochane, każdy z nas ma swoje życie Ale zajrzeć tutaj po takim czasie... serio aż mnie w dołku ściska <3

25/03/2018 04:00
XD a ja się od kilku lat zastanawiam czy Wy wciąż razem jesteście, ale przecież nie napiszę do żadnej z takim pytaniem xD Cieszę się bardzo, dziewczyny! Buziaki!

08/03/2018 21:01
Wie ktoś może co z hpforum się stało?

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