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Komenarze 62 Part 3
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From Samantha MSF:

I must admit that I was really angry with Severus when he punished Harry during detention in such a cruel way. And I am VERY delighted to see that he feels some pangs of conscience, even though there are very “snapish". He now can’t rest until Harry forgets about that incident, and wants to do something to fasten it as soon as it’s possible. Severus hates even the slightest feeling that Harry starts slipping away from him, so of course he turned so angry after getting the boy’s reply. He really believes that Harry is his property, and even if the boy himself doesn’t mind, anyway he has his pride. Severus was wrong and now has to pay for that. I guess he understands it as well, and that is why he is even madder at himself. He hates feeling guilty, he is not used to it, and doesn’t know what to do to change it.

How emotional, how breathtaking! The scene in the bathroom is one of the greatest jealous moment I have ever read! And Severus is still mad. You described his feelings perfectly – he is jealous of both aspects, physical and moral. He can’t stand even imagining Harry sharing his body and his light, his devotion with someone else.
Obviously that Harry’s offended behavior and his accusative words touched Severus on the raw. I ADORE this his desire to prove him that he can be spontaneous, too. So hilarious – “spontaneously throw him at the door", just as if he wants to say “You are wrong, if you so value spontaneity, I will show you that I have it, too! I will change your mind, you’ll see!" Severus is incredible! As for his further actions, his kisses‌ Seems to me as some kind of apologies.
And you, dear Authors, are very cunning!) I had read that little abstract that you’d posted before 62d chapter for a lot of times, but I never thought it would be THIS scene! Again you surprised me) Great work, fantastical imagination!

Oh, poor Snape( The situation is already difficult for him, and now even more, because so little time had passed since the last incident, and Harry again started slipping away. For unknown reason. How much stress he must feel every day! Especially now, when he so cares for Harry, really wants to be with him. Harry’s frightened eyes are obviously torturing him‌

Terrible dream, again so close to the truth‌ But even despite the bitterness of the situation, I’m glad that now Severus is ready to change, just to make Harry stay. He is so addicted to that irresistible look of green eyes that cannot go on without seeing it. And I think this dream has hurt him much more than the previous one, because now his feelings towards Harry are much stronger.

Wow, it’s getting more and more serious! Now Severus is absolutely intoxicated by Harry’s closeness. He needs him, really needs him. Those thoughts of him, about where he can better take Harry, are just wonderful! I was giggling while reading – interesting what desire can do to this cold, cruel man. I believe he was very impressed by Harry’s decision to learn some material so to be able later to discuss it together. Maybe it was one of the reasons which pushed Severus a bit closer to the boy, made his hunger even stronger. And I remember his great disappointment when Harry comes to him with books again) Maybe he is jealous of Harry because of them, too?) Knowing Snape – it is quite possible. He wants all Harry’s attention to himself. Especially after that dreadful dream and the distance which appeared between them.

YES! Finally this happened! Finally Severus felt real anxiety at the thought of the necessity of Harry’s death. Of course he immediately tried to push it away, but once he had already done it – and now it came back with much more force than before. He can try to lie to himself, he can postpone those thoughts, but it’s impossible to get rid of them. Not any more.
And there is the moment when Severus’ tenderness awakes‌ I melt when I read this abstract. It is so touching, so incredibly soft‌ just wow. Snape is almost in love, although it’s really difficult to determine accurately. And he admitted that he is fond of getting those sweet Harry’s confessions! Finally!

Oh, very tense and interesting abstract. Snape in all his cruelty, the victim who has family. I wonder‌ according to your final DI trailer, Snape will be watching/will be forced to watch how Voldemort tortures Harry. Will he be giving those senseless, desperate threats, too? As like as this man who had no control over situation, but was threatening anyway? Damn, I cannot wait to see next chapters to finally know everything!

You know, one of the Russian readers wrote that DI is unusual because EVERY chapter seems to be as precious as gold. She was absolutely right! If you once start reading, you won’t stop.
Severus’ emotions are incredible. He has almost lost Harry, and where are his thoughts about the Potion and the boy’s mission? No, first of all he was paralyzed with horror because it is his Harry who has almost died. His warm, tender, light Potter who can make him smile, who forces the darkness to step away at least for a while.
I love the scene when Harry is sleeping on Snape’s lap. It would be so great if they spent their whole life in this way, together!
Harry’s dream is something impossible) God, I was laughing so much! And I was as amused as Severus himself. How not to love this shameless Potter?

I love it! Love this rude, violent behavior of Snape and Harry’s acceptance. I don’t know which scenes are hotter – from Harry’s POV or from Severus’. I guess they all are awesome! HOW can you describe them so well?!
And for Severus everything is getting more and more complicated. Oh, I’m afraid that by fucking Harry he will certainly not achieve his goal – to keep the boy from telling those sweet things. Quite the contrary‌

Ahah, I cannot describe how I was laughing! It’s one of the million best moments – Severus decides to learn something about Quiddich just to repay Harry. These are almost real, completed, established relationships!

And again, I was laughing so much that my neighbors must think that in this flat lives someone crazy!) But Harry is really SO amusing‌ I guess only he can make Severus Snape laugh. It’s so‌beautiful.

Severus is so obsessed with this kiss barrier that it’s seems more and more obvious that it doesn’t make any sense. He is already in love - even if he wanted, it would be impossible to go deeper in relations with Harry. Too late. He should stop torturing himself and the boy – there are already enough reasons for them to suffer. But Snape is Snape‌ and anyway he followed Harry. It’s a big step, really big! He now absolutely cannot stand seeing Harry hurt. He wants to comfort him. And it’s‌ charming.

Severus is so worried about Harry abusing himself physically. He is right, Harry is very fragile, and he depends on Snape. He is something that should be protected and loved. And there will be a day when Severus gives all of it to him!
I can see how flattered Severus is with Harry’s jealousy. Apparently he didn’t expect anyone to have such possessive feelings towards him, but now there is one impossible Gryffindor)
Though I’m afraid that for Severus it’s more and more painful to hear Harry’s assurances. And it’s obvious that he really wants Potter to stay forever with him – but for now it seems to be impossible. So bitter‌

Oh, that cunning, slimy Severus!) When I was first reading, I couldn’t imagine that he had asked Dumbledore to make Harry stay at Hogwarts! And again Snape is fooling himself. Does he really believe that he has only to watch Potter? He wants to spend this holiday with him! Especially knowing that it should be the first and the last one‌ I’m so impressed by your description of the scene where Severus saw Harry in the corridor, and the whole world ceased to exist for him‌ It’s incredible. Fantastic. Great. This love is‌ irresistible.

Oh, there is so much in this abstract!
First of all I want to say something before I forget it) You mentioned that there can be a traitor among Harry’s friend. I have two variants – either Neville or Ginny. I don’t really believe it’s Ginny, so my first choice is Neville. He is too‌ strange. Snape humiliates him really horribly, Harry sometimes defends him, sometimes not, and it could have angered him. Great Boy Who Lived, who is admired by everyone, even maybe by Neville himself. Good reason to envy. And then again, at the Christmas party (if I remember correctly) Neville had an interest at Anastassy, but the girl is completely in love with Harry. Harry, Harry‌ He is everywhere. So‌ I guess it’s Neville. But I can’t be absolutely sure.
I’m in love with that jealousy scene, when Severus decided it’s Harry who Tonks was kissing with!) And then the agreement between Harry and Severus‌ Snape is really impressed by Harry’s ability to sacrifice something so precious to him as Quiddich. His fight with himself is breathtaking. And I melt while reading how Snape was touching the stone to sense Harry’s message. How he appeared to be used to those good night wishes. The fact that he went to Gryffindor Common Room is just unbelievable! Everything is so tender.
You didn’t write what “You have no idea‌" meant, and I know that you did it on purpose so everyone can guess their own variant) Mine is something like “You have no idea‌ how weak you make me". Severus’ walls are being destroyed‌ and there is nothing he can do.

I have tears in my eyes. So short abstract, but so touching, so emotional. Poor, poor Severus, he is slowly killing himself. The pain is so strong. How can he live with it? Knowing that his love one should die in order to make his dream come true‌ But no, Severus is still fighting with himself. He can’t admit that it’s hopeless.

There are all signs of love) Severus wants to see Harry happy‌ and his gift was incredible! I would love to have something like that, too.
The fact that Snape prepared Harry’s favorite bear‌ agreed to leave the tree... Love. It’s a real Christmas, maybe the first one for both of them. And I really, really hope that not the last‌

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"Desiderium Intimum":

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2) "Jealousy" (32)
3) "The Birthday" (21)
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5) "Intoxication" (17)
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7) "Christmas Time" (35)
8) "Kinky games" (30)
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Tylko zalogowani mogą dodawać posty w shoutboksie.

13/09/2019 00:35
Dziewczyny, nie planujecie znowu jakies opowiadania Snarry? smiley Albo czegokolwiek ze Snape'em? smiley

24/04/2019 13:38
Wracam do tego cuda raz na rok i za każdym razem budza sie we mnie te same silne emocje jak za pierwszym razem. Naprawde te ff jest juz ze mna kilka lat i szacunek wielki dla autorek za tak przepiękna

10/03/2019 19:52
Glenka, może chodzi ci o "Bez słów" na ff.necie ?

11/01/2019 21:47
Potrzebuję pomocy :X Kojarzy ktoś tytuł snarry, gdzie Harry opiekował Severusem, który był w śpiączce? Język polski. Top Harry

06/01/2019 00:05
czasem gdy chcę przeczytać opowiadanie ze ,,Snarry od A do Z'' wyskakuje info / że nie mam uprawnień do czytania danego opowiadania, tak samo jest z działem Ksiąg Zakazanych . Jak uzyskać d

01/12/2018 20:40
Adain bardzo dobre pytanie, ja ostatnio sobie przypomniałam o polskich forach, wchodzę na GPZP a tu zonk ;p

01/12/2018 20:39
Voldemort po godzinach ;0 https://twitter.com/flawd

16/10/2018 23:47
Czy ktoś orientuje się co stało się z Gospodą i czy planowane jest wznowienie? Regularną czytelniczką nie jestem już od kilku lat, ale zawsze ze wzruszeniem sprawdzałam, co słychać na forum :<

08/08/2018 00:10
O ile dobrze pamiętam występował tan Snape ale nie pamiętam w jakiej roli. Kojarzy toś tytuł? Z góry dziękuję za pomoc

08/08/2018 00:10
Dodatkowo coś było o tym, że ta rodzina w szkole organizowała takie spotkania gdzie wyjaśniali uczniom z mugolskich rodzin różne pojęcia z świata czarodziejów. O ile dobrze pamiętam występował tan Sna

08/08/2018 00:09
Kojarzę, że Harry został wyrzucony przez ciotkę. Potem okazuję się, że jego mama należała do rodziny czystej krwi i miała brata, który dał Potterowi nowe imię i nazwisko. Dodatkowo coś było o tym, że

08/08/2018 00:04
Dobry wieczór. Mam takie pytanie. Od pewnego czasu poszukuję opowiadania, które kiedyś czytałam ale zapomniałam tytułu. To było jakiś rok temu więc nie bardzo pamiętam o czym to opowiadało. Kojarzę, ż

17/06/2018 13:03
Dziewczyny, wiecie, co się stało z Gospodą pod złamanym piórem? Zlikwidowano to forum, czy jak? T.T

Samantha MSF
11/05/2018 22:56
I hoped to re-watch all DI trailers, but many of them seem to not work any more smiley Any chance of re-uploading them? I remember that 27 seconds one, with the Vision... so beautiful

10/05/2018 18:14
siebie istnieć. Chyba dlatego tak bardzo kocham ten ff. (kiedy czytałam po raz pierwszy, jeszcze nie znałam mojej drugiej połówki, więc to już chyba we mnie siedziało ;p)

10/05/2018 18:13
Hihi uświadomiłam sobie, jak czytałam w zeszłym roku, że związek Harry'ego ze Snapem w DI trochę przypomina mój własny związek. Też jesteśmy dla siebie toksyczni do bólu, a nie potrafimy bez siebi

10/05/2018 18:09
O widzę, że się pojawił ruch na shoutbox akurat w tym roku smiley Właśnie wracam przeczytać całość po raz trzeci. Aż się wzruszyłam widząc nową dyskusję smiley

31/03/2018 00:44
Ludziki kochane, każdy z nas ma swoje życie Ale zajrzeć tutaj po takim czasie... serio aż mnie w dołku ściska <3

25/03/2018 04:00
XD a ja się od kilku lat zastanawiam czy Wy wciąż razem jesteście, ale przecież nie napiszę do żadnej z takim pytaniem xD Cieszę się bardzo, dziewczyny! Buziaki!

08/03/2018 21:01
Wie ktoś może co z hpforum się stało?

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