For Russian Fans
Dodane przez arielgobuss dnia Październik 23 2012 15:41:07
We would like to enermously thank to all Russian fans of DI for unremitting support, for all the wonderful comments, the messages on e-mail, for how greatly you appreciate our work and for your devotion to DI. We are happy and touched that you loved DI so much and so incredibly attached with it.

We have not enough words to thank
VicVic, Marian Elliot and SolaDeOne for the heart that they put in the translation, and for their efforts and hard work. And also for their passion and involvement, because if they do not, DI would never gained so many hearts in this amazing country of Russia - Kingdom of Slash.

We also want to thank to the one of the Russian fan
Alexsander Ranav for the creation of two beautiful images to DI. When we saw them, almost couldn't catch our breaths because of all the feelings and emotions it gave us. We can not put into words how wonderful a feeling it is to know that our work has inspired someone to create something so wonderful.

(Chcemy również podziękować jednej z rosyjskich fanek Alexsander Ranav za stworzenie dwóch pięknych obrazków do DI. Kiedy je zobaczyłyśmy, niemal zachłysnęłyśmy się z wrażenia i wzruszenia. Nie potrafimy ująć w słowa tego, jak wspaniałym uczuciem jest wiedza, że nasza praca zainspirowała kogoś do stworzenia czegoś tak wspaniałego.)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!