Chapter 12 - "Detention"
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The 12th chapter - "Detention" - of the English translation DI is already finished. You can read it HERE

At last we can give you the new chapter! The previous translators (Christine & Mary, whom we are really grateful for their hard work) haven't any time lately, but now we have a new one ^_^ It's a sweet girl from Ukraine - Kate. She will be translating DI from now on (from 12th chapter) and we hope that she'll stay with us till the very end. And we also hope that from now every chapter will be regularly uploaded :) So you can expect the next chapter soon ^_

So we want to send thanks to
Severus_divides_into_H for translation and to Aislin Avalbane for betareading! We love you, girls! :*

Now you can also read
DI in Portuguese (from Brasil). You can find it HERE! Great thanks to Alma Frenz for translation ^_^

Ariel & Gobuss